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Do you have post concussion syndrome?

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Toronto Motor vehicle accidents (MVA) are common in winter. Moreso after a snow storm.

What are the key markers that you may have post concussion syndrome after a concussion or a whiplash?

Driving anxiety, most people feel that their driving is a bit off. They can see what’s in front of them, but they can’t see what’s coming from the side, and their reaction time is a lot worse.

Reading fatigue or difficulty, some people get more tired from computer work or looking on the phone. They may avoid reading altogether.

Headaches, dizziness or headaches when sitting in the car as a passenger, or headaches from looking at busy backgrounds, from reading or looking on the phone or ipad.

Poorer balance, it might be harder to put on socks when standing, harder to climb a ladder and try to grab something, and harder to play sports.

Easily agitated, it might show as emotional fatigue, poor anger management, but they just may not be as calm as before the incident when facing the same situations.

If these sound like someone you know who had a MVA, know that they can get better. They can improve their mind and body with Optometric vision therapy. Driving, reading, sports and facing challenging times would be easier with post concussion treatment in vision therapy. A Neuro-developmental optometrist can provide the assessments are treatments.

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Written by Dr. Yan Ling Liang

Neuro-developmental Optometrist


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