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In the last two weeks, I have seen a few strange cases. There was that the young adult that blanked out with -4.75 contacts. I knew she overworked at the computer, so I refitted her with -4.50 contacts. She was seeing well again at near and for far. Then she came back two weeks after to ask for -4.75. Seems straight, but it’s due to visual stress at near work.

Then there are other patients that have tired eye after working on the computer at 2pm almost every day.

And more who think they have dry eyes after LASIK, but could get reduced symptoms with the right pair of glasses at near.

Stress and vision problems are on the rise. While the pupil has the fastest reacting muscles in our bodies, under stress, it’s also easily affected. With the increased amount of near work, on the computer and on prints, our eyes do suffer as a result. We are born to live in a 3D world, not a 2D space such as in the books or at the computers screens.

A binocular vision exam or developmental eye exam, and an anti-fatigue lens design would go a long way in reducing stressed eye symptoms such as eyestrain in the afternoon, blinking eyes, tired eyes, squinting eyes, eyes blanking out, red eyes, tearing eyes, and headache. Ultimately, many would benefit from vision therapy for more relaxed and efficient reading and writing in digital age.

Get the right help to perform better in life.

Dr. Yan Ling Liang, OD

Markham Optometrist